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Super Seconds Saturday

I'm so excited to have you here! Super Seconds Festival is a bi-annual event where lots of lovely makers from across the UK sell their seconds/misprints/older stock at significantly reduced prices. Read on to find out more!

Ever look at indie businesses and wish you could buy EVERYTHING but realise that you can't do that with everyone or you'd be super skint?! Well, Super Seconds Festival is your chance to grab a bargain from lots of different indie makers all at once!
A lot of indie makers have seconds/misprints that just didn't go quite right - and normally a lot of these are sold off at fairs at bargain prices - but with few (or no!) fairs due to Coronavirus, it means that these bargains aren't on offer!
This is your unique online opportunity to grab a bargain from LOTS of indie businesses all at once! 
Super Seconds Festival is organised by Sophie from Ink & Bear . To keep in the loop checkout the website here or Instagram page



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